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Schedule a pickup

Simply click on the “Schedule a Pick Up” button, and call us or fill out our online form. Select a time for pick up, and we will be there!

Prepare Your Laundry

Place your garments in your Laundry Bag. Place Dry Cleaning in your Dry Cleaning bag.

Take it easy

We’ll pick-up, professionally clean, and deliver your laundry or dry cleaning back to you within 48hrs!


Wash and Fold Toronto

Take the busy work out of your laundry with the full service options available at Our wash and fold service includes multiple options to fit your preferences and we have multiple add-on services to accommodate your needs.

Soap Options

Not only do we take care of all your laundry needs, but we offer multiple soap options to fit different allergens or personal preferences. Choose from scented soaps, scent-free soaps, or all-natural soaps without any added chemicals.

Same-Day Service

Drop off your loads of laundry with our same-day service option. We charge by the pound, with same day service priced at $1.75/lb with a $35 minimum on the same day service. Easily drop off your clothes in the morning and pick them up at the end of day clean, folded, and ready to wear.

Stain Removal Service

Have clothes with tough stains like dirt, oil, paint, or food? Consider our add-on stain removal service. For an optional fee, we can remove tough stains, treat different materials, and ensure your clothes come out looking stain-free.

Pick-Up Options

Can’t make it to our wash and fold location in Toronto? We offer laundry pick-up options for the local area. With a pick-up options, we will take your clothes from your home, cutting out even more time from your errands. Contact us to see if your home qualifies as a pick-up location and find out the add-on fees for the service.

Your Laundry, Your Way

Do you have a specific method for cleaning your clothes? We gladly accept specific washing instructions including water temperatures, separate individual washing, and air dry options. Write out your full instructions for your laundry and we will follow them exactly as you want.

Come check us out at the Quick Clean Laundry Centre in Toronto to see how we can make your laundry much easier and eliminate time-consuming chores from your daily life.